The Greek word for “church” is ekklesia. There’s is a powerful history behind this word.


    In the first century a group of people who declared “Caesar is Lord” was called an ekklesia. So, when this group of anti-Caesar, Jesus-following people labeled themselves they chose the term “ekklesia.”


    The Way of Jesus is the way of community. Biblically, there is no such things as an “individual” keeper of Torah, or follower of The Way of Jesus. We go together, or not at all.


    Accordingly, here is a new opportunity for you: We are forming a “book club.” You’ll notice that we’re not using the term “Bible study.” This group—which we hope will be on-going—is a gathering to discuss a specific book relevant to our faith, and what is being taught at Mosaic.


    I absolutely LOVE the first book for discussion: Inspired, by Rachel Held Evans. You can find this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book sites. If you’d love to read the book but can’t afford it, please let me know.


    We’ll meet on Wednesdays, at 7pm at the church building. Here’s our schedule:


    July 6


    August 3


    September 7


    October 5


    I’ll be there, and hope you will be, as well!


    Grace and Peace,


    Pastor Joe

    Come Join Us!

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