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    Psalm-ertime Adventure


    The Psalms were the Prayer Book of ancient Israel. The Hebrew word for Psalm (tehillah: praise, song of praise) covers the vast experience of humanity. The Psalms were used in worship in the Temple, and in the local Synagogue. While 21st Century Westerners tend to view spirituality as an individual process, ancient Israel, and the Early Church knew that our experience of God was, by its nature, communal. The appeal of these ancient prayers/chants/hymns is their timelessness. While many things change, the nature of our God, and the longings of human beings, remains consistent. In this series we’ll use the metaphor of a summer trip to guide us through Book I of the Psalms.


    June 20: Psalm 1: Life is a Journey: Which Path will You Choose?


    June 27: Psalm 2: Google Maps, MapQuest, or a Higher Source?


    July 4: Psalms 3-5: The Journey Requires Trust


    July 11: Psalm 8: God Trusts You on this Journey


    July 18: Psalm 10: Every Trip has Complications


    July 25: Psalm 13: Are We Almost There?


    August 1: Psalm 18:  An Inspirational Traveler Shares his Journey


    August 8: Psalm 19: The Scenery is Amazing


    August 15: Psalm 22-23: Both Valleys and Mountain Tops Have so Much Wisdom


    August 23: Psalm 27: Distractions are Prevalent 


    August 30: Psalm 32: Recovering from Wrong Turns


    September 5: Psalm 37: When In Doubt, Follow these Road Signs


    September 12: Psalm 40: Traveling Mercies