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    The Good Book and our Great God!


    I know intelligent, kind, generous, loving people who don’t read or respect the Bible. These people dismiss the Bible as primitive, contradictory, and narrow in its thinking. I know uneducated, standoffish, exclusive, and withholding people who describe the Bible as the “Word of God.” What’s wrong with this picture? In this series we’ll consider this amazing, controversial, infuriating and inspiring book we call “The Bible.” We’ll strive to learn to read the Bible on its own terms, to listen for the voice of God in these sacred writings, and the beauty and joy of living what the Bible really says.


    May 1: “Why Doesn’t the Bible Just Mean What it Says?”


    May 8: “Which Parts of the Bible Do You Believe?”


    May 15: “What about all the Violence?”


    May 22: “Which Version of the Bible did Jesus Read?”


    May 29: “The End of the World as YOU KNOW IT!”


    June 5: “IF YOU KNOW these things, You are Blessed IF YOU DO THEM!”