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    All is Grace

    Grace is an unusual word. In Western culture the word grace is associated with eloquence, refinement, and courteous goodwill. In the Church grace is seen as the way humanity is rescued—not by its own merit, but by God’s grace. In New Testament Greek the word grace has its root in the word “gift.” In this series we’ll discover that all of life is a gift that God gives freely, lavishly, and with great joy. As we learn to recognize and appreciate the gift in every aspect of life, we’ll also learn how to be genuinely gracious people. 


    February 28: “Ex Amore”

    March 7: “Cacti, Scorpions, and Oasis” 

    March 14: “What Were You Shooting At?”

    March 21: “The Violent Take it by Force”

    March 28: “A Heluva’ Gift”

    April 4: “And So it Begins”