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    God is Born


    It’s a provocative title, isn’t it?! The idea of “God” entering the world through the same crude, pain-engulfed, messy avenue as humanity feels uncomfortable. “God is Born” is a poem by D.H. Lawrence. Beyond this, just two decades following Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection his followers made some radical declarations. Jesus’ followers said he was more than just another failed “Messiah.” The first follower of Jesus, from his birth through the 4th Century, asserted that Jesus was the INCARNATION, or en-flesh-ment, of what we call GOD. In this series we’ll examine what it means for GOD to be born. This is vitally important because as the Gospel writers, our Church Predecessors, and D.H. Lawrence remind us, “…there is no end to the birth of God.”


    God is Born, by by D. H. Lawrence

    The history of the cosmos
    is the history of the struggle of becoming.
    When the dim flux of unformed life
    struggled, convulsed back and forth upon itself,
    and broke at last into light and dark
    came into existence as light,
    came into existence as cold shadow
    then every atom of the cosmos trembled with delight.
    Behold, God is born!
    He is bright light!
    He is pitch dark and cold!

    And in the great struggle of intangible chaos
    when, at a certain point, a drop of water
    began to drip downwards
    and a breath of vapor began to wreathe up
    Lo again the shudder of bliss through all the atoms!
    Oh, God is born!
    Behold, He is born wet!
    Look, He hath movement upward! He spirals!

    And so, in the great aeons of accomplishment and debacle
    from time to time the wild crying of every electron:
    Lo! God is born!

    When sapphires cooled out of molten chaos:
    See, God is born! He is blue, he is deep blue,
    he is forever blue!
    When gold lay shining threading the cooled-off rock:
    God is born! God is born! bright yellow and ductile
    He is born.

    When the little eggy amoeba emerged out of foam and nowhere
    then all the electrons held their breath:
    Ach! Ach! Now indeed God is born! He twinkles within.


    When from a world of mosses and of ferns
    at last the narcissus lifted a tuft of five-point stars
    and dangled them in the atmosphere,
    then every molecule of creation jumped and clapped its hands:
    God is born! God is born perfumed and dangling and with a little cup!

    Throughout the aeons, as the lizard swirls his tail finer than water,
    as the peacock turns to the sun, and could not be more splendid,
    as the leopard smites the small calf with a spangled paw, perfect.
    the universe trembles: God is born! God is here!

    And when at last man stood on two legs and wondered,
    then there was a hush of suspense at the core of every electron:
    Behold, now very God is born!
    God Himself is born!

    And so we see, God is not
    until he is born.

    And also we see
    there is no end to the birth of God.